VoCaL laNdScaPes


  • 18.8. - 24.8., 3h/day 18-21h


  • +18, min 5, max 16 participants


Objectives of the workshop:

  • Improve breathing
  • The release of Voice and explore our creativity in the use of it
  • Raising awareness of stimuli that is forcing our bodies to move
  • Discover the different opportunities that Voice offers to the movement
  • Use the newly adopted techniques in composing vocal landscapes

In order to achieve these objectives, the workshop will use a multidisciplinary approach. Students will participate in exercises of the Vocal techniques, music therapy and exercises of the Butoh dance in order to achieve personal growth and perceive connection between the mind, body and voice.

The workshop ends with a presentation or vocal accompaniment to the performance of the other workshops.

NiKiTa VaL

Nikita Val She was born in Pula (Croatia) in 1978, residing in Barcelona from 2003.

With Ane Paška and Anita Čanadi founded Theatre BESA (2013) where she works as an artistic director.


She graduated in psychology from the University of Padua (Italy), singer and music therapist from the University of Barcelona (Les heures) and ISEP Postdegree.

Singer and Butoh performer several studies in music and dance schools in Italy and Spain.

Bases her work on the musical vocal interpretation and musical stimulation from a holistic perspective and multimodal methodology.

She studied Butoh dance with masters such as: Yoshito Ohno, Ken Mai, Yumi Fujitani, Yumiko Yoshioka, Akaji Maro, Hisako Horikawa, Carlotta Ikeda, Tadashi Endo, Minako Seki, J.Daniel Fricker and Imre Thormann.

She studied singing with teachers such as Ana Subirana Selina Worsley, Estivo Genis, Mayumi Matsuo and Voice Craft method.

Teaching experience

Teaches in Isep formations, a master's degree in Musicoterapia (Univ. Vic), namely: the voice of the movement, non - verbal communication, body and musical expression, creativity music.

For many years she worked in the mental health field as a music therapist at ARAPDIS, where she led the choir ARAPDIS.

Today she works as a music therapist in several schools of Barcelona where she leads workshops Voices for personal growth, Prenatal singing and Musical stimulation for children and parents. Leads workshops in applied music therapy education in collaboration with Matraka Assoc, (RAI), USOC - IL3 and Famarec.

Presented a workshop on "Voice in the Movement" at several festivals in Spain, Mexico, Croatia, Venezuela and Colombia, as well as on the 2nd Congress of Music Therapy and 1st Congress of Creative therapy in Spain.

Artistic work

Collaborates with MusicoTherapy Center of Barcelona (CMTBA) and is a member of the Art Association Synesthesia, with whom she run several artistic and social projects in Spain, Croatia, Colombia, Venezuela, India and Mexico, working with Migui MandalaSol and Velimir Todorović.

In the field of art, she sang in several groups such as DidjiriTam (Italy), Tostones reggae band (Valladolid), Risa fácil (Barcelona) and the production of a new circus organizations such Miniguiki CIRCUS, Produccions Deformes CIA. Migui Mandalasol, Colectivo Makabra, Butohpia Corporate and Paramo Cero.

Personal data

Name: Nikita Val
Date and place of birth: 28.05.1978. Pula
Nationality: Croatian/Italian
Languages: Croatian, Italian, English, Spanish, Catalunyian

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