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Puppetry for Adults Workshop

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  • 25.8. - 31.8., 3h/day 11-14h


  • +18, min 5, max 16 participants


Personal power is nothing other than the attitude of our mind. We can not control our thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy and physical strength without feeling fear.

Working with the puppet as "dead matter" that we revive giving it, besides movement, verbal communication, emotion, state, we also give it our fears. In a wonderful therapeutic way, doing that we are trying to get to the breakdown of our fears. Through the etudes of different horror stories, of course, with more scenic effects (scars, zombie makeup, etc), puppet play becomes our true remedy for our fears and also our way to the release of it.

During the workshop we will deal with our fears and how, with the help of puppets – masks, we can show our true inner fear.

Students will participate in the making of puppets, finding their technological solutions, and later will be engaged in their animation on a given topic "What all puppetts can, and man can not do".

CveTin AniČić

Cvetin Aničić Cvetin is an actor puppeteer, master of puppets, theatre director and features in a series of puppet shows for children and adults, also a theatre educator with experience in television and theatre. He is a head of the cultural program at the Cultural Center in Sid (Serbia). He has made over 100 puppets for theatre productions and TV series and directed about 20 plays.

Teaching experience

Workshop leader accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Education entitled "Children's fine arts and performing arts".

Artistic work

  • He graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFIZ) "Krsto Sarafov" in Sofia, Department of Puppetry in class Bonju Lungu.
  • Organized puppet exhibition in collaboration with the Dragon's children' games from Novi Sad called "Doll - first person of the noun named imagination"; exhibition where the theatre and film puppets were exposed.
  • Directed theatre productions:
  • 2002 "Act before the storm, Devil's mise en scene"; 11 awards and 2nd place in Vojvodina festival of Experimental scene
  • 2004 "Bridge on the Drina" by Ivo Andric motives prose
  • 2004 "What a joyful day" in collaboration with the International Foundation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Norway
  • 2005 "Interview with the Vampire" a puppet show for adults
  • 2005 "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley's motives, in Russian language
  • 2006 "Cinderella" puppet show for children
  • 2007 "King Kong" by Edgar Wallace, in the Ruthenian National Theatre "Đađa"
  • 2007 "Traveling Theatre" by Ljubomir Simovic, in the theatre Pačetin, Vukovar (Croatia)
  • 2008 "Mrs. Minister" the text by Branislav Nušić
  • Directed more than 10 puppet shows for children
  • 2007 he established a puppet stage at the Cultural and Educational Center in Šid (Serbia). www.kocsid.org.yu
  • He is author of about 100 puppets for the theatre.

Work on TV - in:

  • The director of the film "Walk"
  • Puppet show for children "Brkanina`s kitchen" on television BN
  • "I apologize", puppet - political farce that was aired on television PINK
  • "Math stories by professor Cifrić" children's series produced by TV Belgrade
  • Animated puppets in the film by Milutin Petrovic "South Southeast", the film was shown at the FEST in 2005.

Personal data

He lives in Šid (Serbia). Married. Father of daughters Srna and Čarna.

Name: Cvetin Aničić
Date and place of birth: 11.07.1976. Sremska Mitrovica
Nationality: Serbian
Languages: Serbian, English

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