Surrounded by the sounds of rocking boats, waves from the nearby beach and crickets in the tops of palm trees, every morning we wake up our body by gently stretching and relaxing in order to prepare the body for the rest of the day.

led by Anita Čanadi (Slovenia)Read more

Vocal Landscapes

Voice is unique and irreplaceable instrument that we use in our everyday life. Movement and Voice are complementary ways of expressing our personality. The effectiveness of our communication depends on the movement of the body and the voice quality. The purpose of the proposed workshop is releasing the Voice and composing vocal landscapes, with expression through movements that spring from our feelings.

led by Nikita Val (Croatia/Spain)Read more

Butoh workshop "The Body Utopia"

In this workshop the main point is to explore the position of the body in relation to the utopia. Utopia in this context is presented as a guided process of overcoming the physical limitations of the body, without ignoring the sociological aspect of this transformation/transgression. What is and what is not, is answered through new methods of understanding oneself by transforming the movement of body-mind and soul.

led by Migui MandalaSol (Spain)Read more

Jazz Dance

The workshop is designed as a classic training and physical preparation of students for dance choreography that we will prepare for the presentation of the workshop.

led by Anita Čanadi (Slovenia)Read more

Island Characters

The Island characters workshop is based on the exploring and creating the characters of people who once have lived or still living on the Island. What is a Mediterranean soul? Who are Dalmatians? What is the island mentality? What does it mean to live on the island? Being an islander or women on the island?

led by Ane Paška (Croatia)Read more

Puppetry for adults

Fear is one of the basic human emotions, and often our driver. While we are children, fears are much larger, but they are easier to recognize and show. When we grow up, some fears disappear, some new arise. In order to release our fear, we have to raise awareness of our personal power. Therefore, faith in ourselves is the first step of releasing fears and worries.

led by Cvetin Aničić (Serbia)Read more


Clown is the most authentic of all the theatre styles. Since your clown is really you, there are no masks to hide behind and no lies can be told. Clown is the search for what is human. To search for your own clown is to search for the artist’s SELF, the very material that the artist uses as an actor--even though when clowning, there is no acting

led by Marica Grgurinović (Croatia)Read more

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